Make Your Trip Easier With an Electric Scooter

Every day we are busy with activities that require a lot of power.To keep things running smoothly then transportation becomes important to move from one place to another to be faster means such as cars and motorcycles have often helped human life because it can facilitate all activities.But the number of growing human population in addition, with the density of the city, it feels comfortable to drive with not always we acquired.

In large cities filled with cars by the hundreds and even thousands consequently the traffic becomes crowded and often occur in certain parts of congestion.The time it takes to get to the destination location noticeably longer.This is certainly less effective when viewed from the activity in this age of fast-paced.Without a vehicle, a person could still walk to work or school.This is only done if the distance of the office or school not far from where you live.
We could not walk away remembering when to use the car it will take a long time.To resolve the issue Escoot comes with a new idea called Portable Traveling Machine.Escoot is a company specialized in manufacturing electric scooter, creative tools and devices that make travel easier.Besides, Escoot also provide sports accessories used in Singapore.Being formal engineers, we are interested in new technologies to improve life.

Escoot find new ideas to make electric scooter fun and powerful to use equipped with advanced equipment and look cool complement to its play with style, the electric scooter is a joy to the world.Old-fashioned manual bike now met with the generation of electric scooters.This electric scooter is very helpful for ease of access go to the neighborhood like to garden, meet friends and go to the workplace.Electric scooter equipped with different abilities larger refugees designed with the power and speed for heavy users who rely on transportation.

What Product Excellence of Escoot ?
– Power, speed, portability combined in one
– Simple and effective walk-replacement
– Bicycles on steroids, super fast traveling

What Escoot Do ?
– Provide premium range of electric scooters
– Introduce cool new traveling tools
– Supply of sports accessories
– Provide excellent customer support
– Share our knowledge about Electric Scooters

Escoot provides 3 types of products that can be selected to suit our needs.We can find electric scooters, electric bicycles, and a kick scooter.All have their respective advantages that help us drive in a crowded place without a lot of places minimalist shape and easy to carry everywhere is one of the other benefits of the product escoot

1. Bluice Electric Bicycle ($ 888.00)

36V 10AH lithium-ion removable batteries, lasts up to 30km
Charging time: 5-6 hours
Motor: 300W, 36V brushless motors
Maximum weight capacity: 150kg
Build: polished high-carbon steel, foldable at the midpoint, adjustable seat and handle (Recommended height: for all from 120cm to 190cm)
Structure: enhanced aluminum body and deck

2. Suncolor Kick Scooter ($ 110.00)

Full aluminum body thats durable yet light
Weighs only 5.5kg, with weight capacity of 100kg
Bulit-in shock / tremor absorption wheels / li>
3 levels adjustable height (89-104cm)
Extra wide deck for comfort
Simple rear brake for safety

Brand: Suncolor
Who is it for: mainly adults, Also suitable for kids
Maximum weight capacity: 100kg
Height: 3 levels (89cm, 96cm, 104cm)
Recommended Height: for all from 120cm to 190cm
Structure: enhanced aluminum body and deck
Wheels: 20cm extra large pneumatic tires with tremors and noise reduction mechanism

3. Pro Evo Electric Scooter ($ 920.00)

Brand: EVO
Motor Power: 300W, super powerful and quiet chain driven motors
Battery: 2 x 12V, 7AH batteries
Speed: Up to 30km / h
Per charge: 28km of continuous use
Structure: steel-framed body and deck
Adjustable height (91cm -110cm), removable seat, foldable body
Wheels: 8 inch tires extra durable, resistant to burst / tear

What They Say About The Product From Escoot ?
Very speedy scooters, the perfect tool for me to travel the short distance to save on bus fares when I travel to work. Its Also very fun to use. Installation is fairly simple and staff is patient at providing advice, highly recommended
Ling Jie

The electric scooter had been a fun toy and a powerful tool for transport my family ever since I bought it. Quite a number of my friends has been asking where I got it!

Escoot provide warranty for all our products and customer support for any inquiries. Feel free to contact us through or visit for more detail information.


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