How to be a Single Man Happy by Cooking

Living alone without accompanying family is not easy to do. Some of the things that we do will be more difficult, one of which is cooking. Sometimes we will feel bothered by the food business. If you can not cook himself the most common alternative is to buy from a place to eat instant food. 
Buy your own food every day will certainly increase the amount of money that must be issued. Budget to meet the needs for one month will increase. It is currently still an issue for those who live alone. The best solution to that is to learn to cook and manage the expenditure of every month. 


Cooking would be nice if someone knows how to make food that tastes good and delicious. Prepare yourself to do so, look for a recipe book to make food the easiest to learn. Try to cook a dish that is most convenient and simple first. No matter how it feels because at first we just proceed to learn to cook. If done regularly, over time we will get used to cooking and no longer think cooking is a tough thing to do. 

These activities can you do on certain days. If it is busy with work, you can delay the first to cook. The most appropriate time to try is when the weekends. At that time the people who work have adequate time to rest. The time will be beneficial when used to do something fun includes cooking. Plan what you want to cook on the weekend and make sure there is a schedule for the next week. 

This will save you the cost instead of having to buy out the food. Examine also how the condition of your kitchen, whether there is food in the refrigerator or not. Buy groceries that will be used for cooking as well need, you can put them in the refrigerator to keep the condition remains fresh without losing vitamins in it. 

Do not be too often buy food or drinks with preservatives. It is not good for long-term health. Avoid snacking after work because it will affect the weight gain, so it is not good for health. Use your free time to cook, so you can live happily despite having to live alone.


  1. @Huda Gamu
    plesetan bahasa inggris ya gan,ada-ada aja nih haha.. klo godok wedang yg harusnya godok banyu itu namanya salah kaprah,sdh biasa di ucapkan org2 yg sebenarnya salah dlm pengucapan krn mempengaruhi artinya tpi anehnya krn sdh kebiasaan jdi nggk menganggap istilah itu salah

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