Download Ultraman Tiga Complete Song

Ultraman Tiga Edition Music
Track List :
Take Me Higher (instrumental)
Monster Revival
Message from 30 Million Years Ago
Theme of GUTS (Global Unlimited Task Squad)
Mysterious Development
Inheritor of Light
Revived Giant
The Name is “Ultraman Tiga”
Brave Love, Tiga (Piano Version)
Peace to You
1GUTS on Patrol
Mountain River Calms 
(Possibly someone’s name, ie ‘Yamakawa Calms’)
Love Theme from TIGA
GUTS members
Fun Time….
Premonition of Invasion
Danger Zone
Lounge Music
Giant Monster Roar
Hurry GUTS!
To the Distant Call
Invader’s True Form
Aim for Tomorrow
Brave Love, Tiga (instrumental)

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